1. What can I expect from coaching?

Coaching is a relationship. As we work together you will see who you truly are, set and complete goals that bring you joy and live a life in support of your personal values. As your coach, I will be a member of your team and I will encourage you to identify ways in which you would like to be supported to make the contribution you are here to make.

Coaching is a conversation. I will ask questions, listen carefully and reflect honestly as we talk together. As your coach, you can count on me to encourage you to set small, sweet steps that will bring you closer to your goals, gently hold you accountable for those goals and help you look at growth areas in your life.

Coaching is an invitation. Throughout our coaching relationship you will be invited to look, see, tell the truth and take authentic action. As your coach, I will support you on your hero’s journey. I will walk with you through transition, supporting you as you think about what’s next in your life. I will cheer you on as you set and meet goals that bring you closer to your dreams.

Through coaching you can expect to grow, learn and dream all while being supported and encouraged. I would love the chance to explore with you the idea that coaching may be right for you in your life. If you’re in a time of transition, if you’re wondering what is next, if you’re wanting to contribute to the world, if you’re wanting to live a life of success, I’m your coach! Learn to do what you say you’ll do with clarity, focus, ease and grace. You don’t have to do it alone!

2. How does coaching work?

As your coach, I will support you to have intentions that are meaningful to you, and support you to create goals that demonstrate those intentions. My coaching takes place online through Zoom. You simply need to have a computer with a camera and speaker or a phone through which we can connect. I support clients through 50 minute sessions, 2 times a month for three months. If, after three months, you want to continue working together, I contract with clients month to month.

The process looks like this:

First, we have an “Introductory” call to establish our relationship and make sure that we will work well together. This call lasts 30 minutes and is complimentary.

If, once we’ve met in this way, we decide to start a coaching relationship, we will set a date and time for a “Discovery” call which leads to our 5 formal coaching sessions. Your payment is due at the beginning of each month.

During our coaching sessions I will ask how I can support you, encourage you to observe what you would like to receive from each session and what might be holding you back from meeting your goals. I have tools and activities to share and you might have some homework between sessions.

Coaching is fun, meaningful and challenging (in the very best way). I look forward to supporting you as your coach and a member of your team!

3. Is coaching for me?

Coaching is for anyone wanting to have a breakthrough around living a life of clarity, focus, ease and grace. All different types of people work with a coach and each one brings their own story and desire to be a contribution in the world. A coach meets you where you are while inviting you to go where you may not yet believe you can go.

Anyone wanting to live their life’s intentions in the world is a candidate for coaching. Coaching is not therapy but many people in therapy work with a coach as well.

If you are thinking about working with a coach, I would love to set up a complimentary Introductory call with you! Let’s explore together whether or not coaching is for you!


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