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Whole: Loving All Parts of You Workshops

Join Stephanie Yoder, Holistic Wellness and Adventure Coach and Shandra Newcom, Certified Life Coach, for an evening of connection, uncovering and creative expression. During each two hour experience, women will work with breath, movement, questions, art and conversation in community. We will explore, in order: body, heart, mind, spirit and soul. The time for this […]

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Visioning Board Workshop

Let’s Make a Visioning Board! What is a visioning board workshop and who is it for? Join Shandra for a creative adventure! A visioning board is a collage of images, word and affirmations that set intention and focus for one’s life and dreams. This free workshop will give you space to imagine what is possible […]

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Women’s Colorful Spirit Group

Women’s Colorful Spirit Group If you are longing for an ongoing community of women who are dedicated to making a contribution to the world, then the Women’s Colorful Spirit Group is perfect for you. Together we will find out how to live lives aligned with our values, creating authentic responses to the call to be […]

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Women’s Soul Circle Workshop

Women’s Soul Circle Workshop What is Soul Connection and who is it for? Soul Connection welcomes women of all ages, backgrounds and belief systems. Soul Connection focuses on self-exploration, self-expression, creativity, community and Embraces the possibilities of what movement(yoga) and creativity offer. During Soul Connection we will utilize the model of soul collaging. Soul collaging […]

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