I need a new kitchen…

I mean I’m stuck in a water zone and it can’t be band-aided up. And so I’m living with a partially demolished kitchen and it feels like I’m living in chaos. The kitchen needs to be redone and so, if I’m honest, does my attitude. I’m not particularly feeling my colorful self.

Add to that a stolen credit card number, a wild animal living under my porch and the fear from my son’s school going on lockdown last week and I’m just about at my end.

This is the place I never want to be and I’m always surprised when I end up here.

So what do I do? How do I face being stuck and out of balance?

  1. First I breathe. 5 breaths. In and out on repeat until I remember that my breath is a gift and I’m thankful for every one.
  2. Next I watch something funny on YouTube. Something that makes me laugh but that isn’t at the expense of others. Something joy-filled.
  3. And then I start taking small, sweet steps toward my goal. I see clearly where I am and imagine where I want to be – and then I jump in and start swimming in the flow of possibility.

See, the flow is there, I just step out of it sometimes – like when my kitchen pipe explodes. I am unable to see clearly in the midst of all the water, stress and overwhelm.

But when I breathe. And laugh. And make a plan based on compassion for myself – I remember.

Feeling stuck yourself? Living in chaos?

I get it.

Let’s talk about it. Schedule a time with me. I’ll be hanging out, breathing and laughing, whenever you want to remember for yourself. We can imagine together and, with compassion, find your flow. I promise, it’s there.

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