My Story

I’ve experienced great change and transformation in my life. And I’ve learned to welcome it! My life adventure has taken me from a small town in Kansas to the wide open countryside of Africa. From severe depression to seeing a life in color. From body insecurity to a pin-up photo shoot. From staying at home to starting my own business. From silence to singing. From imbalance to authenticity. Being an adventurer means to be daring, to live an unusual life, to engage fully in the world, to go into the unknown, and to be yourself! This perfectly describes my journey of adventure. Through all of my experiences I’ve been able to live a life of great love and I’ve engaged in practices that have helped me find my center, use my voice, and live my best life.

I can help you do the same.

What I Believe

I believe that we are all in this together. It is important for us to identify our values, speak our truth, ask great questions, use our voice, and take action in the world. One of the strengths we have as human beings is relationship and community. When we work together we co-create the world through lives of purpose, authenticity and love.

I believe in the power of creativity: The use of imagination, forming something new, making space for color and pattern and joy.

I believe in your ability to contribute to the world. As you explore your values and take action on the things most important to you, I know you will make a difference in your relationships, community, and within your deepest self.

Let me support you as you grow into authenticity.

Who I Am

For over 20 years I’ve worked as a social worker and a spiritual guide. I’ve worked with people seeking transformation – those going through major life changes – and I’ve walked with them. I’ve worked with people in transitional housing programs, hospice, justice organizations, international non-profits, peace churches and local hospitals. In every experience I’ve found people of courage who were willing to live in imagination and transform to become the person they dreamed of being.

I can dream with you, too!

My Promise To You

I promise to listen carefully, ask good questions, reflect honestly, invite gently, support fully and take you to your edge lovingly.

I promise to support you as you seek balance, look with compassionate eyes at your life and identify growth areas, learn to deal with stress, confront fear and find wholeness of body, mind, heart and spirit.

You will not be alone.

Together, we can identify and nurture your path of contribution to the world!

Let’s find ways to support you as you live your colorful life!

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Ease in my Daily Life

Working with Shandra has given me tools to have more ease in my daily life and to go with the flow.

Someone Who Cares

If you want to talk openly with someone who cares and to work towards aligning your life with your goals and values, I strongly recommend Shandra!

And one more very important thing…

It is important to me, as a member of a community that believes in the worth of all persons, to express love and compassion through giving back. This is why I support my favorite non-profit, HealthEd Connect. I’m committed to giving 5% of what I ask for my coaching fee to HealthEd Connect so that they can continue to do what they do so well in the world: Empowering women and children through education, health and advocacy programs. I’ve traveled with HEC to Africa and I’ve seen their programs at work. I’m convinced they make a difference and I want to support that. By working with me, you get to support that, too! Thank you.