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Shandra’s Soul Connections

Every third Monday of the month I’m going to be suggesting products and links that I’ve found to be meaningful in my life, around a certain theme. This month’s theme: Intention.

Deepak Chopra says that “Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention.” I’ve found that setting intentions for myself, either every day, month, or year, helps me focus and turn my attention and life toward the things that give meaning and lead to transformation. When we have an intention, we have a determination to act in a certain way. My hope is that these products and finds will help you on your journey. Let me know what you think as you give them a try!

The Power of intention” by Colleen McCulla.

This TEDxDayton video reminds us that “The secret to transforming your life is that you have everything you already need.” As you set intentions for your journey, remember that you have the resources to support that which you set. Colleen changed her life dramatically, one intention setting day at a time. Through intention and creativity, Colleen was able to become more of the person she wanted to be. We can learn from her story as we set daily intentions for ourselves. Your change may not be body-related, it may be spiritual or heart-based. Whatever you set your intention around, Colleen remind us of the power of taking that step and living into your future.

Life Goals Mag has a great article about intention setting!Helmed by Colry Lane, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, offers thought provoking articles around a variety of themes including intention and intention setting. One of my favorites: 50+ Intention Ideas to Set at the Start of Your Day. It is a reminder that intention directs energy, that setting one can become a practice and that it is a process.

50+ intention ideas to start the day.

Dragon Tree Apothecary

I’ve visited The Dragontree in my hometown of Boulder and I love everything about them! Online you can find products from shower gels to herbal tinctures as well as their amazing “Rituals for Transformation” workbook: “focusing on morning and evening rituals that will lead you on a journey or self discovery and awakening.” Check out their Intention Paper, a powerful way to set your intention.

I love the Dragontree intention setting resources! One of my favorite soul connections!


Daily intention Tracker Sticky Note Pad by Knock Knock.

Available on This fun and focused note pad helps you set your daily intentions with space for words under topics like: Be, Feel, Do, Appreciate, Let Go Of, Attract, Who or what do you want to be? What do you want to let go of? These large sticky notes help you set your daily intentions in a fun and meaningful way.

Every year I set a word of intention and for 2018 my word is adventure.

Starting my own business has been a great adventure and every day, as I set my focus on my intention, I express gratitude for the adventures I’m living and the moments of connection and transformation I’m experiencing.

Check out these intention setting products and let me know how you are able to connect and transform yourself.

Here’s to setting your intention!

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