If you’ve ever been stuck in an old story and wanted, desperately, to figure out how to re-write it, I see you.

If you’ve ever been quiet when, deep inside, you wanted to use your voice – loud and clear – to stand up for yourself or others, I hear you.

If you’ve ever touched someone, heart or body, and then withdrawn; or if you’ve ever touched the next possibility, the next place of growth, and then pulled yourself back because you weren’t sure you – or it – was ready, I get you.

I don’t know your specific circumstance but I know my own and my guess is we have some things in common.

I’ve tried, really tried, to put myself out there. I’ve searched for a community where I could be myself. I’ve muffled my voice when all I wanted to do was stand up for someone else and I was too afraid. I’ve come so close only to retreat in fear or uncertainty or pain.

Over time I’ve learned tools that have helped me grow and become the woman I’m called to be. I’ve learned that I can contribute to the world with joy and courage if I only set my intentions, ask good questions, integrate head, heart, body and spirit, and –closing my eyes – jump in!

If you’re reading this, perhaps you, too, are ready to jump in. All in. Tony Robbins said: “Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” I’m guessing that you are in that place. That, for you, staying the same doesn’t work anymore. That change is coming, ready or not, and you want to be in the thick of it!

I call that time of transition and change a time of adventure. You don’t have to make a huge shift to be an adventurer – you just need to take a small step in a new direction.

You can flip an old story upside down and create a new one.

You can speak out courageously.

You can get close to someone and build a new relationship.

You can jump into what’s next.

I’m ready to go there with you. You are not alone. Let’s work together so that I can support you in your journey. Let’s work together so that I can cheer you on as you engage in transition and learning. Let’s work together so that you will be able to contribute your own gifts to this needing world.

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