I’m all about adventure. But you’ll rarely see me outdoors.

It is an odd truth that I prefer inside, cozy and warm to outside, chilly and…outside. Odder still that I live in Boulder, CO and don’t hike. Or ski. Or snowboard. You get the picture. I’m a fish out of water. Except that I don’t even really like the water all that much either. So jumping back in holds no desire for me.

So what’s it all about? Why am I so focused on adventure? The Latin root of adventure is adventus which leads us to the word advent which references the coming or arrival of someone or something that is important or worthy of note. There are a few different definitions of adventure and my favorites include words like: excitement, unusual, experience, bold, new and yes, sometimes dangerous. I love the word adventure because it describes what it means to everyday face the world with courage and grace, knowing that anything can be an adventure if you live into it with boldness and heroism.

I love the idea that something is arriving – something important. Something that will change your life.

  • Painting with acrylics when you’re a water color artist.
  • Playing the drums when you’re a flautist.
  • Singing on stage for the first time.
  • Making a new friend.
  • Traveling to a far-off country, knowing no one, going alone.
  • Walking into a yoga studio right around the corner.
  • Salsa dancing.
  • Blind dates.
  • Learning French.
  • Thinking outside the box.
  • Change.
  • Open-heartedness.
  • Forgiveness.
  • Generosity.

Adventure is everywhere!

If you’re stuck in old habits or thoughts or stories you tell yourself, maybe it is time for an adventure! I’ve been there. Five years ago I knew it was time for something new but I was too stuck to know what that could be. I was telling myself an old story – one that said that I was too sick to travel (I have fibromyalgia) and I was too closed to new experiences (I like my routine). I knew I wanted adventure and I knew that didn’t mean climbing a literal mountain so I decided to climb a figurative one. I faced my old stories and patterns and made a choice – a choice to choose possibility and excitement. I decided to travel with a non-profit I love named HealthEd Connect to a new continent – I decided to visit Africa.

It turns out, I’m not too sick or tired or stuck in my routine to change. All I needed was courage, openheartedness and a good travel agent. I discovered all those things in my life tool box and soon enough I found myself in Zambia eating Nshima and learning ChiBemba.

How I did that and what I learned is a story for another time.

What adventure awaits for you? I would love to be a part of your finding how to get unstuck, go through transition, live open-hearted and contribute to the world.

Are you ready?


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