Do you have times when you feel all alone?

One of the greatest gifts we’ve been given is the gift of community. It’s not perfect but it is present even when we feel alone. I’ve been reminded of this all week as I’ve struggled with some home and life issues. My community has stepped up – folks I know who write me words of encouragement on social media and folks I don’t know in line ahead of me at the drive through who pay for my meal. I’ve received home made lasagna and lots of space created for venting. I’ve been loved.

We are not alone

It’s nice to know that people truly care. And here’s the good news: someday it will be my turn to send the warm thoughts, to pay for the car behind me, to make the dinner, to create a safe space for honest feelings. To love.

I’m guessing this opportunity will present itself sooner than I think. That’s the privilege of community. It’s always calling us into more. We do not need to do this alone!

Let’s get working together

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