This month is all about wholeness. I’ve picked 6 awesome wholeness products for you to try out. Together, these products address wholeness in body, mind, heart, spirit and soul.


Snow FairyI love yummy smelling body products and I have two to recommend to you; one from Lush and one from The Body Shop – I love both companies! Each company seeks to support wholeness in body by making sure their products are natural, not tested on animals, and compassionately made and packaged. Plus they small so good!

My favorite holiday scent comes from Lush – I LOVE their Snow Fairy body wash and the fact that it now comes without packaging makes it even better!


Peppermint Candy Body Butter

If sweet scents aren’t your thing and you’re looking for something a little more minty, try The Body Shop’s Peppermint Candy Cane Body Butter.

Between the two of these, you can’t go wrong! They are both seasonal so get them now – before they sell out!



Talisman Soy Candle by Skeem designThere must be something about autumn and cozy scents. I’ve just recently discovered Skeem Design’s Talisman Soy Candle. It smells good and burns great! A Talisman brings good luck and this candle is exactly what you need when you’re writing that novel, auditioning for that show, making that album, cooking that meal or applying for that job.

Even if you’re simply snuggling up and watching the snow fall, good luck is always a gift for the heart.



I am a student in the professional coach training program at Academy for Coaching Excellence. I love everything about them and, in particular, I love their Life Blueprint which, when I created mine, served as a way to point my life toward living in alignment with my values and life intentions. If you go to their website, you can sign up and download the Blueprint and see what I mean. They are a coach training program, yes. But they are so much more.

Check them out!



The Rainbow Farmer bracelet - Shandras favoritesI love Etsy. One of my favorite shops is called: The Rainbow Farmer. Aimee brightens my spirit with her bold, colorful beaded necklaces. I’ve got a number of them, actually, and I love every one. Check her out and tell her I sent you!



Sabbath by Wayne Muller, Shandra is re-reading for some added focusI’m re-reading a classic: Sabbath by Wayne Muller. It is a great reminder that wholeness comes when we connect with ourselves and the Divine Spark through rest, practices, and a rhythm of life which grounds us. In the world today, we need Sabbath more than ever. I invite you to read with me and then make a change in your life – a change that will make a difference in how you live in the world.

We all need a little balance.


Finally, it is only a short time until mid-term elections. As I’ve reflected on wholenesss, I’ve become convinced that voting is a right and privilege we must live out so that we can be truly integrated and whole. Living justly is our call and voting is one step toward that end. Please, do what you can to get out and vote!



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